third (presidential) debate

The debate season is over. So I'll try to squeeze out as many jokes as I can. But this might not be the funniest post here. If you just want something funny check out the post about vending machines.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both know the power that comes along with being able to appoint Supreme Court Justices, even if Donald is too busy adjusting his microphone to say anything about it. Hillary of course wants the senate to approve Obama's nominations because she's trying to play the high road. But at the same time she's dodging every question and plugging herself instead. And somehow she's not the worst person on the stage. All Trump has to say is that the Supreme Court is what it’s all about, and then start bashing current justices. Trust me, Trump knows an inappropriate comment when he sees one, but unlike him, the Justice apologized for that she said.

Honestly if Hillary Clinton ran her whole ticket on her views on gun control, she'd probably still win. Between that and her very non subtle plea for Arkansas and New York voters. And even though Donald agrees, he'll never say that, especially not on TV.

And what's with these topics? Are the moderators trying to spoon feed Trump here or are they just trying to show that all the arguments against Clinton are absurd. Actually, it's neither, that's just Fox news trying to undo the damage that the media has done to the Trump debate, even though he'll ruin every chance they give him.

I still don’t understand why Donald is holding on to this NRA endorsement so much. Not a lot of people think the NRA is kosher, especially right now. Holding on to this is doing more harm than it is good. He's bleaching a black tshirt to get an ink stain out.

Next up was the pro-life / pro- choice bit, and all I'll say about that is Roe v Wade was a huge uphill battle, and it was finally passed, and no matter what you think about it, going backwards isn't an answer. Appointing SC justices just to repeal a decision like that is slimy. Because a Supreme Court that's made up of like minded people isn't good for the country. You have to have some argument, otherwise it's not a democracy. Right?

At this point in the debate I don't think either candidate answered a question, which really makes the whole role of the moderator pretty obsolete, if he can't get them to answer questions, or not even try to get them to, why is he sitting there?

Any first 100 day promise is always bullshit, but Hillary is really holding on to hers as the debate moves on to immigration. Fun fact here, if you look up xenophobia in the dictionary it’s a picture of Trump and Ann Coulter hiding behind a wall.

I don't understand Trumps point about drugs. He knows that some drugs are produced domestically right. Does he think that Heroin can only be made in other countries. I mean it's illegal to make it in the United States, but people do it. All the time… He should know that… I'm worried about Donald.

Donald's huffing and puffing again. Now he's going to bring up his wall. (that joke was really funny when I thought of it, sorry)

I'm not sure at this point if Trump knows he's debatingHillary Clinton, because he's debating Bill Clinton a lot, and Obama too, but they aren’t running for president right now. And he lost to Obama in a presidential race before…

Now, we're about half an hour into the debate now, and there really isn't much left to say.  Trump calls Clinton a nasty meanie, which she is. They yell, they argue, they talk over each other and the moderator.

So I'm done, I encourage you to go watch the debate, at least the first 30 minutes

Neither of these people are presidential. If you're 18-21, which you probably are because that's the age range I'm writing for, welcome to your first election. We got shafted. We don't get to choose who we want to be President. We don't want this. And there's nothing we can do about it. We can write snarky tweets and blogs about it. We can argue on college campuses. We can laugh at SNL sketches that are funny because they’re true, but depressing, because they’re true. But in less than a month we have to vote.

There might be one more post about the election before November, but it's not very funny right now. Next week we have two posts about Halloween, which is fun (boos and booze), and we'll take it for there. I know it wasn't very funny, but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know, you can comment now.