Death Wish (2018)

Death Wish. the first (and hopefully only) reboot of the 1970's franchise starring Charles Bronson.

the original Death Wish series inspired a whole new subgenre of action movies, spawning hits like Taken, John Wick, and even Keanu.

the new Death Wish on the other hand, is a trainwreck. if you were worried that Bruce Willis's new film would be 118 minutes of the same thing as every other action movie, then you're in luck. this movie deviates completely from not only the original Death Wish, but the entire action genre.

Bruce Willis in Death Wish

Bruce Willis in Death Wish

Eli Roth's new film plays more like a comedy. not even a dark irreverent comedy. If I had to compare this one to a similar film it would probably be Pineapple Express. Bruce's character cracks wise and makes fun of street punks before killing him that brings back painful memories of Cop Out.

but the thing that really bothers me about this film is the musical numbers. it's not that they aren't well written, and Bruce Willis and Vincent D'onofrio are fine singers. but every time they break into a musical number, it just takes you out of the film. it all just seems out of place.

and of course, the plot twist at the end of the film is very disappointing. i won't spoil it for you, but think along the lines of sixth sense.


overall, this film was underwhelming. not worth the price of admission. 5/5 stars