Black Panther

to be honest I was excited to see the newest entry in the Marvel series.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to follow the story of this short film considering that I've never seen any of the other 100 films in the series. luckily this movie spent the first 45 minutes introducing its characters with narration and on-screen text ala bad 70's crime movies (or more recently suicide squad). but that proved to be more distracting than annoying. 

I was also a little thrown off by the last minute recasting of the titular character Black Panther, who ended up being played by Christopher Plummer. the last minute change required a lot of reshoots and makes the overall film look a little choppy. 

ever more distracting than the recasting was the strange CGI they used to remove all of Mr. Plummer's hair. Chris was contractually obligated to keep his full head of hair because of his involvement with the newest Tom Cruise movie (The Mummy 2: Mummy Harder). 

technical aspects aside, the overall plot of the film was subpar. it was almost as if this movie belonged to a completely separate franchise, and all the Marvel bits were tacked on later to make it fit with their cinematic universe. for example, the surprise cameo of Lou Ferrigno as Hulk came out of left field, even though it was welcomed by fans.

the film ends on a confusing note as T'Challa is killed and his regime overthrown by killmonger. luckily for fans who stayed for the post-credit scene, we catch a glimpse of the black panther being revived and joining forces with Thanos, setting up an exciting premise for the next Marvel installment.


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