Other Websites:

I have more websites than just this one, and I'm constantly looking to create and publish more. Below you'll find links and descriptions to all of my other sites.


Just Plant Stuff  - (launching in July 2017)

A family oriented website, made to introduce more people to the world of gardening. With weekly posts and monthly videos


More Content:

Not all of my content ends up on this page, here is a short list of work I've done for outside sites, some of it is under my name. If any of these links are outdated or articles get moved, please let me know.


Hire Me

Yeah I sell blog posts. Send me a topic or a website and I'll write humor posts for it. It's pretty cheap and every site so far has left good reviews. If you're interested go ahead and check it out:

My Gig on Fiverr  or My Fiverr Referral Link (obviously this is a referral link)


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