What is timiddimwit?

Well it’s a palindrome, but with an extra W. It is also a comedy blog, about everything you need to know to be a 20-something year old in college, written by someone who is just as helplessly lost as you are. With a writing style that not only depresses my highschool english teacher, but would make Washington Irving roll in his grave (and then wake up twenty years later), this blog aims to be mediocre enough for you to waste 20 minutes out of your week to give it a read.

What to Expect From the Site?

I post new content 'daily'. Why is daily in quotes? Because you won't see honest posts every day. I tried the daily updates for months, and the longer it went on the less honest the blog felt. The goal of Dimwitted Ideas is to be relatable comedy, something that everyone can enjoy, but if you follow the blog here as well as YouTube, you'll probably find something new every day.